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Say Goodbye to Balding and Hair Loss

No one wants to lose their hair, but unfortunately, life often has other plans for us. Both men and women, of all ages, can suffer from hair loss for a variety of reasons including genetics, diet, stress, medications, and many other reasons. While you can take medications and other steps to improve your lifestyle and slow down the balding process, it will not reverse the process and restore hair to bald areas. This is where hair transplants have taken center stage. 

What is a Hair Transplant?

As the name implies, a hair transplant is a procedure where healthy hair from a donor area of your head is extracted using advanced techniques and is then transplanted into the balding areas. The FUE and DHI techniques are some of the most popular, safe, and effective hair transplant methods. The entire procedure takes place in the doctor’s room. Depending on the amount of hair that is needed, the process takes anywhere from a few hours to a day to complete.

The Process:

Consultation and Plan

The first step to a full head of hair is to contact WeAreClinics. One of our friendly agents will ask you all the relevant questions and you will need to send photos of your head. Our agent will then liaise with our various expert hair transplant doctors to formulate a plan. If needed, they will also arrange online consultations with the doctors. Your agent will then provide you with a full package, plan, and quotation. 

Face to Face Consultation at the Clinic

Once you have reached your destination abroad, you will have your first in-person consultation with the doctor. The doctor will inspect your head and finalize the plan, which includes exactly how many hairs will need to be transplanted. 

The Transplant

With a clear plan, you will then return to the clinic for the procedure where the first step involves shaving your head. The doctor then applies local anesthesia to your head to numb the areas. The next step involves using specialized tools to remove the donor hair and to transplant them carefully and methodically so that when they grow to fill the bald area and look completely natural. The doctor will prescribe pain killers and antibiotics if necessary. 

Follow up and Shampoo

The day after the procedure, you will return to the clinic. The doctor will inspect everything to make sure all is well, and you will also have the first medicated shampooing. This step is vital for the success of the procedure. The doctor will give you clear instructions on what you need to do over the coming weeks to ensure a fast and successful recovery. 

Enjoy Your New Look

It will take some months for the new hair to start growing and to see the full effect. Within 6 months, the new hair will grow and strengthen, and within a year, the areas will be full and look completely natural. 

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